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                            HelixHead Cutterheads

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                            HelixHead Cutterheads

                            HelixHead High Performance Helical Cutterhead For Planers, Jointers, and Moulders

                            The HelixHead high performace helical cutterhead is enhancing the woodworking industry. A one-of-a-kind custom designed HelixHead for your planer, moulder, or jointer will cut noise, reduce dust and chips, and reduce labor and material costs for your business.

                            Years of research and development went into HelixHead to create the highest performing helical cutterhead on the market.

                            • One-Of-A-Kind custom design
                            • Whisper Quiet Noise Reduction Technology
                            • Advanced Chip Channeling and Dust Diversion for Easy Clean-Up
                            • Quick-Turn 4-Sided Blades for Easy Maintenance and Replacement
                            • Additional Savings in Labor, Material, and Blade Replacement
                            HelixHead Cutterheads

                            Custom Designed Helical Cutter

                            Each HelixHead is custom designed for your specific machine or application, optimizing cut quality and machine performance. Every HelixHead cutterhead is manufactured to eliminate as many inserts as possible without affecting cut quality - saving you money up-front and over time while also reducing the horsepower that insert knife heads typically require.

                            Custom Manufactured Cutterhead

                            In addition to optimizing design features, each HelixHead helical cutter is manufactured to the tighest specifications in a mill/turn machine. This machine allows the entire product to be machined in a single setup - reducing error and allowing for much tighter tolerances. HelixHeads are also dynamically balanced which helps increase bearing life and performance.

                            Get Your HelixHead Products At Hermance

                            Hermance is proud to be a distributor of the HelixHead high performance helical cutterhead and is capable of handling any of your HelixHead requests. Contact us today to see how a HelixHead can benefit you and increase your machine's performance. Hermance Machine Co is your one-stop shop for all of your industrial equipment and tooling needs - from a round rod milling machine to high performance helical cutterhead - we've got it all!

                            Results 1-10 of 18