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                            Tregarne Wood Welder.

                            Item #: Tregarne Woodwelder
                            Brand: Tregarne
                            Model: Wood Welder
                            Year Mfg:

                            Reg Price: $6,950.00

                            Our Price: $6,950.00


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                            Penetration: 50mm effective, curing speed: 3 - 10 seconds per weld. 
                            Generator frequency: Nominal 27.2 Mhz. 

                            Includes - 

                            Timer for adjustable cure length with "elapsed" buzzer, 
                            easily visible power needle, 
                            adjustable power lever of hand gun, 
                            guard for electrodes, 
                            spare set of electrodes, 
                            support for hand gun. 

                            Supply: Single Phase 240 volt / 50hz (standard 13-amp 3-pin plug). Works fine at 60 Hz U.S. power. 

                            Output: 0.5 - 0.6 amps at 2400 volts (internal HT) on load. 
                            Electrical Safety: Cabinet and fittings are fully earthed. 
                            Cutout switch isolates main power if rear access panel is removed. 
                            10 amp panel-mounted fuse for protection. 
                            Hand gun specification: Lightweight, easy to use hand gun. Incorporates on/off trigger, 
                            thumb-operated fine tuning control and R.F. power indicator meter. Supplied with 2 sets of electrodes. 
                            Servicing and maintenance: A comprehensive range of spares are available from Tregarne,

                            also stocked at Hermance Machine, and can usually be delivered next day. Repairs can be carried out within 1 - 2 days. 
                            Warranty: All new machines are covered by a standard 12-month warranty from the date of purchase.

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