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                            Doucet NWR-8 Clamp Rack

                            Item #: NWR-8
                            Brand: Doucet
                            Model: Clamp rack
                            Year Mfg:

                            Reg Price: $3,300.00

                            Our Price: $3,300.00


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                            • Doucet Clamp Rack Model NWR 8 Foot Clamp

                              The NWR clamp rack from Doucet allows woodworking manufacturers to quickly and easily assemble their panels. The NWR clamp rack from Doucet comes standard in 8 feet but additional sizes are available to meet your specific needs up to 24 feet.

                              Use your NWR clamp rack as a single-sided rack mounted against a wall giving you a total of 4 gluing levels or a free-standing double-sided rack with clamps on both sides giving you a total of 8 levels. Clamps rest securely between offset tubes ensuring that your panels lay flat and level.

                              The clamp rack by Doucet comes standard with twelve (12) clamps that are 2-1/2" x 40" in capacity. Choose from either standard or rapid change clamps.

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