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                            Newport RM100 Mini Moulder

                            Item #: RM100
                            Brand: Newport
                            Model: RM100
                            Year Mfg:

                            Reg Price: $45,000.00

                            Our Price: $45,000.00


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                            Newport Manufactruring RM100 Mini moulder .
                            For the production profiling of door stile and rail material.  Machine is a hopper fed, HSK63 interchangeable spindle with integrated power feeder and touch screen control.  Operator enters the tool diameter and the desired finished work-piece thickness and the machine will set the fence position automatically.

                            ? HSK interchangeable spindle, standard.  (Other spindle types available)
                            ? 8 Hp at 7,500 RPM 
                            ? 230 volt, 3phase, 60 hz standard
                            ? Variable spindle RPM
                            ? Reversible rotation for climb cutting (requires safety cage)
                            ? Bore diameter determined by tool holders.
                            ? Hopper feeding, typically face down
                            ? Digitally positioned sizing fence, 
                            ? Up to 20 preset “recipes” for pre-programmed set-ups
                            ? Part length maximum: none
                            ? Part length minimum: 3-1/2” (depending on part width)
                            ? Part width maximum: 8-1/2”
                            ? Part width minimum: 1-1/2”
                            ? Dust collection: 2 outlets at 4” (climb or conventional cutting)
                            ? Compressed air required: 80 PSI

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