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                            Newport CM-2 End Coping Machine

                            Item #: Newport CM2
                            Brand: Newport
                            Year Mfg:

                            Reg Price: $19,500.00

                            Our Price: $19,500.00


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                            Newport CM-2 End Coping Machine

                            The Newport CM-2 has been specifically designed for the production of tear free end coping. The manner of operation is as follows: The work piece is inserted into the machine, against the fence and between the two cutters to the end stop. Cutter #1 rotates in a counter clockwise direction, while cutter # 2 rotates clockwise. Both cutters are solidly mounted to the same sliding carriage that moves in the horizontal plane in relationship to the end of the work piece. The machine is adjusted so that each cutter only moves past the centerline of the part, and never exiting to the other end. By working the part from both sides, chip breakers and counter profile blocks are not needed. The key advantages of the CM-2 are, safety, quick cycle time; tear free operation, quick change to different profiles, increased quality and production.

                            Technical Specifications:
                            Motors: 2 @ 1.1kW each ( 1 1/2 hp )
                            Voltage: 230/460 3phase 60 Hz
                            Air: 6 bar
                            Spindle RPM: 10,800 RPM
                            Dust Port: 4”
                            Weight: 575 lbs
                            Cutter Dia: 2”
                            Profile Height: 2”
                            Profile Width: 2”